Keith Peraino & Never Give Up Life Consultant

Keith Peraino & Never Give Up Life ConsultantKeith Peraino & Never Give Up Life ConsultantKeith Peraino & Never Give Up Life Consultant
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Welcome to my personal website

SO FINALLY AFTER 2 years of labeling myself and colleagues as something we are not and spreading FALSE stories, we are proud to finally report that we have won our lawsuit against the competition that spread those false stories.   To anyone else who wants to continue the libel and slander and defamation, we would hope you read this prior to us having to find more evidence and people/ companies to sue.  If there are any questions as to whom works for us, simply call us.  As to any claims that we are involved in a project, again simply call us.  

What separates us from the competition? We win.  We do not claim to win and then lose unpredictably.  

Having the expertise consulting in both labor and leadership, our track record has been premier.  However, being a consultant has generated hatred and unethical practices.   Since the competition has so much to say, they have created a ton of calls and business so I decided to create this site to direct all to the proper channels.  The more successful we become, the more jealousy is developed by certain people and companies and groups.  We do not develop jealousy, we just work harder, maintain our personal and business ethics and only worry about ourselves and clients. Oh and btw, because they worry about us since we are on the top of the pack, they fail to win for their clients.   


A call to us and posts by us will focus 100% on how we can help the clients and people.  We have no need to talk about the competition.   We build leaders daily and we want to ensure that all employees in every organization value their job as not just a paycheck, rather a place where they can begin to attain their success and goals.  Positive employee engagement creates a happier work force, better retention, less conflicts, better recruitment and a more productive company.